My Thoughts on Baby #2 (2 under 15 months!)

Thoughts on baby #2 photo

I am writing this as my son is just about to turn 9 months old & I am 16 weeks pregnant. I always envisioned that when I started having kids, at whatever stage of life that began, that I would just pop them all out one after the other & then move on from the baby stage. I totally wanted to be a young mom who was done with childbearing by 30 (LOL)!

However, when I got pregnant with my first son pregnancy the first time around was SO. ROUGH. on my body that I honestly questioned whether or not I could put myself through that again. From absolutely severe, hospital inducing morning sickness, to insomnia, to acid reflux, you name it, I had all the symptoms. I was honestly more terrified of going through morning sickness again than I was of giving birth again, if that gives you any insight.

This pregnancy thus far has been a night & day difference. Besides complete exhaustion & constantly being “hangry” I feel really great! I am praising the Lord for the grace and ease He has blessed me with in this pregnancy, especially since we found out in the middle of yet another huge life transition! Am I totally freaked out by having another baby shortly after my first turns 1? YES. But I am SO excited to see their relationship and the bond that they will share being that they are just barely short of being Irish Twins.

There is never a perfect time to add another baby in the mix in my opinion and we have personally learned that just because you are in a place where it feels like the “right time” that it doesn’t mean in 9 months it will still be that way! But I do wholeheartedly believe that the Lord’s timing is perfect & never off. And Joshua and I cannot wait to celebrate this new life that He has richly blessed us with.

We will be finding out what Baby Newton #2 is in just a short few weeks & I am starting to realize that this pregnancy is going to FLY by! I am welcoming all the routine, sleep training, scheduling, two under two advice in the comments below!!


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