My 2019 Goals + Word of the Year

It’s the beginning of 2019 and here I am with a new 1 year old and just over 30 weeks pregnant with baby boy two!! These facts made me question whether or not goals and planning my year out were futile given that I will have two pretty young boys in just a couple of months, but I still desire to live out each of my days with purpose while also having grace for myself in this beautiful season.

I feel like these years of early motherhood, while challenging and so tiring, are still extremely important years to set goals, even if they are small. I also am aware that my goals will more than likely shift a bit after I have baby number two and I will allow space for that to happen. So with that I will share a few of my current goals for 2019 + my word of the year!

My Word of the Year is 


I have been doing a lot of reflecting and dreaming the past couple of months and this word just fit pretty much all of my goals. In the dictionary the meaning reads:

  1. done on purpose; deliberate.
  2. purposeful in word and action.
  3. actively interacting and engaging with your life.
  4. living a life that is meaningful and fulfilling.

Around early-2018 I had an epiphany. This may sound silly, but I was in such a pit complaining about where life had taken me and how I was so disappointed in myself for being no where near where I thought I would be at 23 (Enneagram 1 over here). After enough griping and complaining, I realized that I had been living as a victim to my circumstances and the events in my life. I was letting life hit me back and forth in any way it wanted to and I was taking the punches like a sad defenseless puppy. Then licking my wounds for days and weeks at a time. Over the year, I learned to start taking control of my life and going for what I wanted to happen. I said “no more” to living like a victim to my life. I am in charge of it, for goodness sake! (Of course, with the Lord’s guidance and wisdom). However, going into 2019, the word intentional just fit everything I wanted to grow into.

I want to be intentional in motherhood and not let social media steal my eyes and attention away from their tiny faces and these early years that truly are a vapor.

I want to be intentional in my relationships and cultivate meaningful, life-giving friendships with those in a similar season as me.

I want to be intentional in growing my small business. I kind of fell into my business after  y e a r s  of feeling inadequate and this year I want to be intentional with growth and logistics.

I want to be intentional in our finances and steward our income well in a way that will set us up for future success.

And I want to be intentional with my relationship with Christ by setting aside time to get into my Bible and keep a conversation going with the Lord in prayer through the day.


With that, I share my top 2019 goals: 

Intentional + Purposeful Motherhood 

  • Get down and play with my boys + get outside!
  • Cultivate a peaceful home + daily routine
  • Give myself grace in healing + becoming a newborn mama again
  • Develop photos regularly in physical photo albums

Grow my Creative Business

  • Get my business “legit” + treat it like a business
  • Finally take time to design my own brand to reflect who I am
  • Put out consistent blog posts + design content
  • Focus on growing my Etsy shop + take on only a handful of logo designs

Steward our Finances Faithfully 

  • Take out cash envelopes bi-weekly
  • Bi-weekly budget check-ins with Josh
  • Pay down our consumer debt
  • Participate in “no spend weeks” each month

Take Care of Myself 

  • Read 12 books
  • Take monthly solo-dates
  • Start a slow workout routine after I am cleared to work out post baby
  • Take vitamins + drink water daily!!

Cultivate my Spiritual Growth 

  • Read through the Old Testament
  • Nurture a daily quiet time + prayer life
  • Meditate on scripture
  • Get involved with a woman’s group or life group


All together I have 9 main goals for 2019, each broken down into their own sub-categories that will help me work towards those main goals. This year I will be learning how to be a mama to two babies in a city that is not down the road from family. I am relying and trusting in the Lord’s strength and guidance to help me become the mama and wife He has called me to be.

I am hopeful and expectant that 2019 is going to be a really sweet year, coming off the tail end of a couple hard years. I am hustling hard the next couple of months to prepare for baby number two. But also truly savoring this time of it being just my firstborn and I for a couple more months. The days are absolutely sweet and full of so much beauty and I don’t want to let a moment pass me by. Here is to a year of intentional living!

If you have a word of the year or goals for 2019, please feel free to share them below! I love hearing other people’s goals + dreams!

The Why Behind the Blog


For a while now I have wanted to start a consistent blog, but I always struggled with the why behind it. My life seemed pretty ordinary with my work, school, sleep routine at the time, but the desire was still there. Like a lot of other moms I have come to use social media as a modern day scrapbook to share my life as a mother and share my son’s early days with the friends and family that are scattered around the country.

I believe that I have finally found the thing I want to write about! Through my very brief 9 months of motherhood I have learned and discovered so much about life and about myself that I didn’t know was there. I have come alive in so many ways through motherhood. Although it has been one of the hardest things I have ever done, it has still been the most rewarding hands down.

There are so many things on my heart to share, even though the vulnerability scares the crap out of me on most days…so let me share why I am doing this.

I am writing to of course, you the reader…

I know I have felt so understood through reading blog posts of fellow mamas going through similar things to me. What mom doesn’t go straight to google these days for every little thought, worry, symptom and to maybe even find someone else who is a voice saying “you aren’t alone!” I hope to be that voice to you other mamas to reassure you that you aren’t alone in the wide array of feelings you experience through the days of early motherhood.

I am also writing for my family spread around the country…


Lots of you know what it is like to have loved ones who live far…I am blessed that most of my family is within the same state as we are. But they are still far enough away that the little day to day thoughts and photographs are missed, I want a place to document some of my thoughts about motherhood and life as a young wife. I want my loved ones to feel included and for my mom/pregnant brain to not get in the way of some of these precious memories!

And lastly, I am writing for myself…

I have always found a lot of freedom in writing out my thoughts and feelings. I just have always been too afraid to open up and share those thoughts. Writing is a creative outlet that I have always felt unqualified for. I am not great at it and I sometimes ramble through captions. But nonetheless I do enjoy putting words to my feelings and experiences and not only that, but going back and reading them in the future and reminiscing on those times in my life. And with my first year of motherhood already about to pass me by, I want to preserve those thoughts in a place that I can go back and read them someday. So I can remember the days of two small babies so close in age. And all the diapers, all the mom wins and fails, and all the thoughts and feelings that come along with the experience.

I’d love to have you along for the journey!